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Augmented Intelligence

One of the greatest limitation of human brain is that it’s ability to think is limited to 100ms. And anything beyond this limit is not physically possible by a human being, whereas computers equipped with efficient artificial intelligence strategies exhibit a much more faster thinking ability.

IoT and Cloud in Agriculture

IoT is connected to agriculture with the help of sensors. By applying IoT to agriculture it is easy to observe and interact with physical world. Synergizing Internet of Things and Cloud Computing can help the farmers to share useful information regarding cultivation on social networks, and also helps in ensuring global food ....

Introduction to Articulated Naturality Web

Articulated Naturality Web (ANW), is a re-birth of the method of approaching a technology. Computer Vision is an ability to see the world what it is, as a 'scene', and also the elements imbibed within. For instance considering a room, computer vision exhibits the capability to see the floor, wall, table, chairs, paintings, dustbins .....

Principle of AR

Virtual reality was originally coined by Jaron Lanbic an American computer philosopher and computer scientistin 1987.Virtual technology is completely immersive technology which is approximation of reality but not the exact reality.It is extensively used by 3-D Artists, Architects, Real Estate Agents, Teachers, Students and Astronauts.

Wearable Augmented Reality Principles and Practices

Nike, which is considered as "sportswear giant" uses Augmented Reality based Sneaker's SNKRS App to develop Nike SB Dunk High Pro "Momofuku" model. SNKRS is a mobilebased App. Using this Augmented Reality App, users can shop their footwear just by installing the App in smart phone. The user may be at her home sipping....

Security in AR

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, ensure our increased interaction with real world. A virtual reality system, on the other hand, substitutes the real-world environment with an artificially created environment. Security need for Augmented Reality systemsslams from 1960s when southern land invented a transparent...

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