“We work together, We grow together”

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Working @Mindnotix

Working @ Mindnotix. Employees will be getting a homely environment in Mindnotix, Employee will be getting all requiered needs in Mindnotix.

OurEmployees says

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    Legrand Charles

    Project Engineer: Mindnotix is a good environment and enable us to work on multiple environments.

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    Project Engineer: Mindnotix give a good recognition for thier employees.

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    Associate Engineer: Mindnotix software solutions has been an amazing company which has given me a lot of growth opportunities.

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    Ms. Pabitha P

    Project Engineer: Our superiors kept me on track of my performance which helped me to improve and put in a consistent performance.

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    Jothi Prabhakaran

    Project Engineer: When I completed my degree and started looking for a job, I knew I wanted a challenge, Mindnotix gave a platform.

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    Project Engineer: Initially started by gaining knowledge, Now i started to work in all web based applications and platforms

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    Trainee: Mindnotix is a place to learn, share and gaining skills