How Virtual Showroom differs from real-time showroom?

In 2017, the Oxford branch launched their first mesmerizing Virtual Reality showroom (VR) which includes bathroom, kitchen, and lighting showroom. Virtual Reality showroom is completely different from a real-time showroom. Why because? Let’s take an example if you want to purchase clothes, first step you will find out a branded or specialized showroom for particular product, where you exactly take a time to purchase clothes approximately three hours or more, because it takes more time for selecting correct size and suitable color for you but in some cases one more funny thing is serviceman of that particular shop can come behind you withholding your selected clothes, which makes uncomfortable, so situation force you to select some clothes quicker with dissatisfaction.

But in  rather case using Virtual Reality showrooms is an exciting new way help you to purchase your clothes within 3 min. virtual reality showroom provides VR gear for guidance, once you wore, it will automatically scale your size, just you will change slide and set colors suitable for you with a simple click or swipe. This technology not only for clothing but also for everything that comes under human requirements for example furniture, hairstyles, cosmetics, watches, ornaments, spectacles, and real estate business, home appliances, etc.

VR showroom enables more customers to walk around a showroom using wearing VR gear. Whereas making interaction with the products, zooming design features, and video clippings offers furthermore chance to buy accessories and appliances. VR technology offers everyone can experience different styles of options and appliance demonstrations at a single showroom or at same branch. This software especially designed for the basic building block of some largest showrooms; thereby customers get genuine experience about their products and increase business branding amongst customer.

We Mindnotix technologies will introduce grand Virtual Showroom software for our clients in near future. Here we create a wonderful opportunity for people to view their requirements with real time experience at the same time without spending money, they find out which furniture or appliances will suite to their beautiful house. So thereby, they decorate their house much more pretty than ever. Let you Imagine now you are looking an empty place or room with few or no set of furniture. Fine then we provides a VR gear to guide you and further slowly you are entering into our grand virtual reality showroom world, which is completely designed using VR technology that is totally for you. In addition, we provide 360-degree store view.

Lets thing, first you entering into our provided virtual showroom and purchase your required things using smart phones with help of our mobile or web app. Next move to your selected place (i.e., living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining hall, etc) under the guidance of VR gear. For example, you are going to set purchased furniture in your house, where we provide world’s best interior designing and different set of ideas has to enrich the look of your living room with best experience.

Take an example of car showroom, when customers come, it is not always for shopping purpose. Sometimes it is for the getting window-shopping experience. Therefore, this experience not only increases the traffic inside showroom, but also increases the sales. A person cannot buy a car without seeing it features and allowing them to take a test drive. Think every showroom as a car showroom, where we introduce VR showrooms, which provides real time experience for every customer at the same time helpful in increasing sales. 

Then, how can brands of your products stands out from the competitive market? The secret is to engage your customer emotionally; this is easily done using VR showrooms based on the customer’s reactions. We need not to taking notes or getting reviews from the customer to know their interests about your products. So taking advantage of VR technology is to increase customer engagement as well as drive sales.