How to make food app

How to make food app


The ultimate accomplishment of every food industry is satisfying their customer's expectations across the world. The demand in the food delivery services are also increasing rapidly. Now a day, people expect to get food delivered at their doorsteps.  In the other part, they think an easy and comfort food order placement with the fastest delivery options.

In the market of application development, there are countless on-demand food ordering and delivery app development solution providers who are aiming to innovate food applications for domestic and overseas clients at various platforms like android, iOS and website.  

Think as a Business owner, it is a difficult task to understand the customer needs and to maintain a correct time delivery between the busy schedules. This is why we realized that the role of owners is the toughest one. Hence come up with the conclusion of achievement in the food industry is harder task. So, Food industries are started to gain revenue via updating the Traditional business idea's into richest apps like UBER, Swiggy, Talabat, etc.

Richest apps provide such features,

All the options in the continent of food can be available at just the simple click of a button. 

  • Order through user friendly application
  • Special offers and Discounts
  • Available Restaurants in these apps operating over 24/7
  •  Fastest and customized delivery services
  • No phone calls needed to order a food, just one touch to make your order.
  • Cost efficient
  • Trouble free Payment
  • Push notifications after every placed orders
  • Real time tracking
  • Real time reporting
  • Loyalty programs
  • Language support and multiple currency acceptance
  • Social sharing of feedbacks

How much it costs to create an app?

To create an app like richest app’s, you would definitely need a set of professionals, are:

  • Business Analyst
  •  Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Android and iOS developer
  •  Quality app Testers

The cost of the application will depends on the factors such as,

  • Place of the Development company (countries in Asia are costs low for development than others)
  • Number of platform you prefer like Android, iOS
  • Number of member will be worked in the app
  • Required Features

Estimated cost is to develop an app like Zomato, swiggy, Talabat, etc., is around 10000$ to 20000$, it may varies for the additional functionality and Features at the timeline of 120 to 160days.