“We work together, We grow together”

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Mindnotix Software Solutions is an establishment by a Group of Professionals, who have proved their excellence in the IT Industry through their services in handling Cutting-edge Technologies, in the year 2012. We aim to provide global solutions to the small and large scale industries using our expertise in IT knowledge and latest technologies in the global market. Our technical team is passionate in undertaking and handling complex challenges and provide them with global solutions. We provide a wide range of services like Development of Custom Applications, Software Development, Web Design and Development Maldives, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Web Hosting and Application Integration. We never stop just with providing a solution, but optimize it with a great appearance which would provide a 100% user-friendly environment, which is easy to use. We are working continually with our clients to make their dreams and thoughts towards a perfect solution. That is what we say “WE WORK TOGETHER, WE GROW TOGHETHER”. We work with the client towards a WIN-WIN mission.

In Mindnotix, we provide a strong workforce which provides solution to all industry-related problems using IT and IT- enabled services. We work with almost all types of web-related and standalone applications in all PC and Mobile platforms. We have developed a number of applications using Hypertext Pre-processor (PHP) which is supported by almost all browsers World-wide. We have developed applications which would support .NET and other reputed frameworks. We also provide API solutions which would suit most of your business needs.

We are Exclusive Mobile App Development Team. We build industrial automation app, Mobile App integration with existing ERP solutions, Electronic Ordering system. Our Team has around 7+ years of average experience in the feild of Android and IOS developement. Interactive app is also our Team additonal skills.

We have provided effective E-learning, Healthcare, Hotel Management, College Management solutions to various organisations. Our workforce is eagerly waiting to work on even your most complex and challenging business problems to prove our complex problem solving capabilities and to provide you with a successful business-compliant solution.

We have developed and delivered automated software to a number of small and large scale industries. We attribute our growth to our perfect quality with dynamic standards which is progressively attained by our experienced team effort. We also inculcate employee, consultant and client-based professional ethics amidst us which has helped us to stand amidst various developed companies.

Quality Policy

Mindnotix continually works with Complete Personal Commitment to help clients get solution to their Business Challenges in a Qualitative and Cost-effective mode, satisfying their Business Needs on time.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make technology viable to even the most oppressed part of the Business Market.

Our Mission

Mindnotix is dedicated to design and provide tools, products and services which would help even the oppressed class of the business market to sustain in their business by promoting them globally.


We follow a very strong customer oriented win-win policy, so that we could achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our main focus is over the quality of the product as well customer satisfaction in terms an affordable cost. The key benefits in working with us are:

  • Development and support within committed time period at Zero-risk.
  • Development Cost reduction by 50%.
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection.
  • 100% Privacy of Client data.
  • Flexible enhancement options to clients even after product delivery.